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Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator in this beginner's course

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What will i learn?
  • Design illustrations with Adobe Illustrator
  • Use the various tools of Illustrator
  • Stylize and customize type and shapes in Illustrator
  • Apply gradients, warp effects, blends, and other styles to shapes in Illustrator

Curriculum for this course
38 Lessons 11:18:38
Basic learning section 1
10 Lessons 08:50:17 Hours
  • Adobe Illustrator for Beginners | FREE COURSE 03:17:15
  • Create Professional Logos in an Instant! | Adobe Illustrator 00:35:10
  • Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator 01:29:24
  • 10 Essential Design Tips for Illustrator 01:51:28
  • How to Create Halftone Effects in Adobe Illustrator 00:02:47
  • How to Make a Watercolor Brush in Adobe Illustrator 00:06:32
  • Create an Isometric Type Effect in Adobe Illustrator 00:36:32
  • Learn to Make a Chevron Pattern in Illustrator 00:02:35
  • Use a Pattern Rope Brush to Create a Rope Text Effect in Illustrator 00:36:11
  • How to Make a Gradient in Illustrator 00:12:23
  • Creating Male Cartoon Characters in Adobe Illustrator: Introduction 00:01:36
  • Make a Halftone Effects Pattern and Brushes | Photoshop and Illustrator 00:14:08
  • Illustrator Alternatives: Affinity Designer, Inkscape and Figma 00:15:00
  • Tie Die Pattern 00:01:22
  • How to Make a Brush in Illustrator 00:16:33
  • How to Create Line Patterns in Adobe Illustrator 00:08:52
  • Create the Carpet Pattern From "The Shining" in Adobe Illustrator 00:05:56
  • How to Create an Isometric Grid in Less Than 2 Minutes! 00:04:41
  • The Perspective Grid in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:41
  • Create Compound Shapes in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:30
  • How to Create and Use Custom Guides in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:22
  • How to Create an Emoji in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:48
  • How to Vector Hand Lettering 00:04:58
  • Easy Graphics with Adobe InDesign's Glyphs Panel 00:04:58
  • How to Install and Use a Custom Brush Set in Illustrator 00:01:24
  • How to Create a Stipple Brush in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:23
  • What Is Flat Design? 00:01:22
  • How to Make a Herringbone Pattern in Illustrator 00:03:39
  • How to Create and Edit Gradients in Adobe Illustrator 00:04:09
  • How to Use Drop Shadows in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:31
  • How to Make a Plaid Pattern in Illustrator 00:04:46
  • How to Make a Filter Icon | Adobe Illustrator 00:05:42
  • Adobe Illustrator's New Exporting Tool 00:01:33
  • How to Make a Check Icon 00:04:10
  • How to Make a Wooden Text Effect with Adobe Illustrator 00:09:02
  • How to Use Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator 00:01:27
  • Illustrator in 60 Seconds: Grids 00:01:28
  • Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide 00:22:20
  • Adobe Illustrator (or Trial Version) or any other Vector Software
  • Positive attitude & willingness to learn.
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Start by mastering the Illustrator basics, and then learn to create effects, patterns, and more. This free Adobe Illustrator course is aimed at helping beginners learn how to use Adobe Illustrator easily and quickly. You don’t need any previous knowledge of the software, and you don’t need design or illustration skills. We’ll start right at the beginning and work our way through each topic step by step. If you’ve never opened Illustrator before—or maybe you’ve opened it and struggled—this course is for you! By the end, you'll know how to draw in Adobe Illustrator, how to make a pattern in Illustrator, and so much more.

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