Mikrotik Device Management

Use the best MikroTik features and tools for a better management of your network

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What will i learn?
  • Understand MikroTik settings for a better network management
  • Understand how to allow/disallow IP neighbor discovery using Interface lists
  • Distribute internet from the MikroTik Router using the LTE 4G USB Stick
  • Understand how to format a USB flash disk from the MikroTik router

Curriculum for this course
5 Lessons 00:35:36
Mikrotik Device
5 Lessons 00:35:36 Hours
  • MikroTik Tutorial 92 - Access router / Switch using a serial cable 00:04:42
  • MikroTik Tutorial 93 - How to use Safe Mode 00:06:04
  • MikroTik Tutorial 96 - Manage your Network using RoMON 00:06:21
  • MikroTik Tutorial 97 - How to fix hAP Lite upgrade error "Not enough disk space" 00:07:31
  • MikroTik Tutorial 98 - Monitor Router resources using Graphing 00:10:58
  • Basic Networking and TCP/IP knowledge
  • Familiar with MikroTik Winbox tool
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As being a network engineer, you would need to manage your network correctly. Fortunately, MikroTik provide us a lot of features and tools that are available on the MikroTik Router so we are able to manage on our network in a better way.

Some of those features are also unknown for engineers and some are hidden, so my task is to show them for you and show their tasks so you can use them in your network.

In this course, will explain and show you how you can use the following features from MikroTik:

  • MikroTik Kid Control
  • MikroTik Neighbor Discovery
  • MikroTik Router Management Overlay Network (RoMON)
  • IP Cloud System Back on MikroTik
  • MikroTik application for smart phones/tablets
  • MikroTik USB Management
  • MikroTik Server Message Block (SMB)

In each of those topics, I will do a lot of LABS so you can see practically how this can work then you can easily apply it on your network.

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