Mikrotik Hotspot

I will show you how to create a Hotspot and authenticate users using a Radius Server.

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What will i learn?
  • Be able to configure MikroTik Hotspot from A to Z
  • Understand how to create profiles and account for users to get connected to the internet with the hotspot
  • Understand what IP Binding is and where to use it
  • Understand what Walled Garden is and where to use it

Curriculum for this course
9 Lessons 01:14:02
Mikrotik Hotspot
9 Lessons 01:14:02 Hours
  • MikroTik Tutorial 22 - How to create a Hotspot with Radius Server Authentication 00:14:29
  • MikroTik Tutorial 23 - How to view and reset User Manager Admin Password (Hotspot) 00:02:51
  • MikroTik Tutorial 24 - How to backup and restore User Manager Database (Hotspot) 00:03:43
  • MikroTik Tutorial 25 - How to reset User Manager database to default (Hotspot) 00:03:19
  • MikroTik Tutorial 26 - Generate multiple users and vouchers in User Manager (Hotspot) 00:04:00
  • MikroTik Tutorial 43 - Set Time Limit for Hotspot Users 00:12:50
  • MikroTik Tutorial 54 - Bandwidth Management for Hotspot using queue tree (Lab1) 00:12:32
  • MikroTik Tutorial 55 - Bandwidth Management for Hotspot prioritizing browsing (Lab2) 00:15:58
  • MikroTik Tutorial 57 - Bandwidth Management for Hotspot and LAN users (Lab3) 00:04:20
  • You will need any one of these Mikrotik routerboard router for this tutorial
  • Mikrotik RouterBoard RB951Ui-2nD hAP
  • Mikrotik RB3011UIAS-RM
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Have you ever been in a cafe, restaurant or a park where they offer internet on wireless? You normally get connected to their Wi-Fi and it is mostly asking you to enter a username and a password to be able to get access to the internet - This is what a hotspot is.

You, as a MikroTik network engineer, may be asked to install and configure a Wireless hotspot in your company or at your customer place and things look too complicated to you to do this task. This course will help to go step by step using a lot of LABs to understand how to install a wireless hotspot and what are the best tips needed to be used to have the hotspot working well.

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