Mikrotik Monitoring Network

In this video I will show you how to use mangle rules to monitor your network traffic.

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What will i learn?
  • Monitor the traffic usage per user IP
  • Know on which MikroTik Router Architecture The Dude server can be installed
  • Understand what is the difference between The Dude Server and The Dude client

Curriculum for this course
6 Lessons 00:37:19
Mikrotik Monitoring Network
6 Lessons 00:37:19 Hours
  • MikroTik Tutorial 59 - Monitor network traffic using Mangle rules 00:06:15
  • MikroTik Tutorial 58 - Monitor and track network traffic 00:11:04
  • MikroTik Tutorial 72 - Monitor network links using Netwatch 00:06:28
  • MikroTik Tutorial 73 - Monitor network traffic using Traffic Monitor 00:06:35
  • MikroTik Tutorial 94 - How to use Torch 00:02:31
  • MikroTik Tutorial 95 - How to use Traffic Monitor 00:04:26
  • Basic TCP/IP and OSI model knoweldge
  • Basic networking knowedge
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In every production network, monitoring is an essence. What if you can do monitoring with very advanced features and the software that you get is for FREE? Yes that's possible. MikroTik offer The Dude software free of charge. This software is used to monitor network devices, controlling them using its tools and getting notifications once a problem on the device occur.

However, making The Dude up and running is not very easy and many engineers don't know how to use it. For this reason, I have designed this course which speaks in details about MikroTik The Dude and its features using practical LABS so you can apply this directly to your network.

Additionally, I have added a lecture in the 1st section of the course showing how you can monitor the bandwidth traffic used by each user per IP on graphs. This is independent from The Dude itself.

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