Terms and condition

Terms and Condition

This Terms and Condition was last updated on September 04, 2020.

Ulearn is Cambodian's online learning course platform designed to address and meet the needs of the job market, as well as providing convenience to all ages of people who wish to study any of the skills which they are looking for high quality, reducing time-consuming and money for study and which access at anywhere they want.

I. Accounts:

II. Course Enrolment and Lifetime Access:

III. Payments, Credits, and Refunds:

    1. Pricing

    2. Payments

    3. Refunds and Refund Credits

    4. Gift and Promotional Codes

IV. Content and Behaviour Rules

V. Ulearn’s Rights to Content You Post

VI. Using Ulearn at Your Own Risk

VII. Ulearn’s Rights

VIII. Updating These Terms

IX. How to Contact Us

Instructor Terms

1, Instructor Obligations

2, License to Ulearn

3. Trust & Safety

    3.1 Trust & Safety Policies

    3.2 Co-Instructors and Teaching Assistants

4, Pricing

    4.1 Price Setting

    4.2 Promotional Programs

5, Payments

    5.1 Receiving Payments

    5.2 Refunds